Lyle Clarke is a “clean tech” specialist focusing on recycling, waste recovery, energy, water and resource conservation and management.  He also advises manufacturers, retailers and others with an interest in sustainability, resource efficiency and product stewardship. 


Canadian business has undergone profound change.  Today, forward-looking companies, not governments, are the primary catalyst for sustainable business.  That is because high energy costs, intense competition, and ever-narrowing margins are prompting innovation that improves energy and resource usage (to lower costs).  At the same time, despite recent recessionary pressure, consumers continue to put a high priority on the environmental performance of the companies that they reward with their custom, expecting of course that sustainability be delivered at the same or lower cost, and at the same or better quality.  


The business sector's determination to improve efficiency and meet consumer expectations, in response to these pressures, has become the most important factor driving sustainability and clean technology around the world.


This kind of change generates both risk and opportunity.  Success will flow to those that understand where change is leading, what impact it will have, and how best to respond. Lyle Clarke is uniquely capable of helping his clients understand how pressures for environmental change impact business, to craft and execute effective strategies to manage risk and control costs, and to leverage innovation to exploit new opportunities.


Lyle has extensive knowledge accumulated over many years of leadership in retail, recycling and product stewardship, and in new venture development, financing and market penetration in the clean technology sector.  Over the course of his career Lyle has led a host of innovations that generated new business opportunities, attracted new investment and spawned new companies - even entire business sectors. 


Lyle and his network of highly skilled colleagues can help you to realize your ambitions in this highly complex and rapidly evolving business. 

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