Creating a wealthier society and a healthier planet is satisfying, but challenging.  Success arises out of the effective use of the same three business fundamentals deployed in every other industry - vision, leadership and relationships.  However, they must be deployed in unique circumstances, with complicated and unfamiliar economics, and within a fishbowl of public scrutiny and dogmatic advocacy.



One cannot know the future, but one can identify patterns, anticipate what might be possible and define the conditions that will make what is merely possible, real.  All organizations must define their vision well, believe in their capacity to deliver, and align every element of their organization to the achievement of their vision.  Cleantech companies must extend that alignment to all of their business and stakeholder relationships, and create both internal and external confidence in their capacity to create wealth, while protecting the planet.  



Management is about deciding what must be done, directing and coordinating action and monitoring and validating results - in short: planning, doing, checking and revising.  Leadership is about defining a vision, building enthusiasm and confidence in its achievement, inspiring action, and fostering loyalty and commitment to the organization driving that vision - in short: seeing, guiding and inspiring.  Success is about assembling the leadership, management and executional skill needed to plot a course, navigate change, anticipate and respond to barriers, persevere through adversity and drive to a clear destination.



Vision, leadership and strong business processes are essential but not sufficient conditions for success.  Positive outcomes depend on individuals who communicate effectively and support common goals, and on the external relationships formed with the partners, suppliers and customers that benefit from the organization's commercial performance.  In the clean tech sector, companies must also form productive relationships with organizations that are equally concerned with the company's environmental performance.


Lyle Clarke & Associates can help you envision change, inspire action and form the relationships that are critical to long-term success in this unique business sector.

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