Urban Prospecting (Recycling & Resource Management)

-  Understanding material recovery, processing and value extraction

-  Achieving scale, identifying and creating opportunity and responding to change


Energy, Water & Soil

-  Understanding trends, pressures, opportunities and government interfaces


Technology, Process Innovation & Commercialization

-  Understanding market potential and limitations, and raising capital 

-  Overcoming roadblocks and bringing ideas to market

-  Recognizing and adapting to disruption created by rapid innovation


Business Partnerships & Consortium Development

‚Äč-  Forming the networks and relationships necessary to create positive and profitable growth


Strategic Planning, Collaboration and Problem Resolution

-  Understanding threats, managing risks, identifying opportunities & crafting a path to success

-  Multi-party negotiation, advocacy and conflict resolution


Government & Stakeholder Relations

-  Raising awareness of your contribution to the planet, the economy and society

-  Building consensus and aligning opinion to facilitate positive change


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